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peterpanshoes_finalThe shoes are officially done, and they went to their new owner the other day. She was pretty excited.

A bit about my process:

I started out with lots of sketching…and watching the movie over and over again. Any project that involves watching movies for research is a good one. Once I felt comfortable drawing all the characters, I moved from paper to the shoes, and penciled in everything. Next came the color. After testing out loads of color combinations, I narrowed it down to what you see here. Then came inking and touch-ups.

Sadly, the markers I used aren’t waterproof. Not a good thing here in Oregon. To seal it all I used Omnigel, which you can get at pretty much any craft store. Hopefully that’ll hold up.

I’ve gotta say, this was one of my favorite projects I’ve done in a while. In fact, I liked it so much that I went and got my own plain shoes to customize for myself.


A friend of mine requested a pair of customized shoes. After mulling it over for a couple days (I’ve never worked with ink on canvas before), I got to sketching. She’s a huge Peter Pan + Tiger Lily fan, so I took that theme and ran with it. Here’s a look at my progress so far:

Once I get a little more time on my hands, these’ll be finished and posted for you guys to see.