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Today was another exploring day. Sadly the sun started to come out, so the snow melted a bit and got all slushy and easy to slip in.

We found the library, which was really exciting. I found a few books I need to check out when I get home to my own library.


Then we got too cold, so we came back and had hot chocolate. But not just any hot chocolate. Guatemalan hot chocolate! I may not be as in touch with my roots as I should be, but I definitely appreciate the hot chocolate.


For dinner we had chicken saltimbocca, one of my favorites. The whole gang came over for dinner and a movie. Umm…Invasion of the Body Snatchers is not one of the best movies to watch when you have an overactive imagination and you aren’t at home with your usual surroundings. That being said, I definitely would watch it again.


And of course, what would a vacation be without some knitting.



Hey all, this week I’ll be in Canada. Whistler, to be exact. And since every time I go on a trip and think ‘okay I’m definitely going to write about this trip when I get back’ …and then fail miserably, this time I’m going to blog while I’m here. Brilliant, yes?

It’s so beautiful here!  Like Disneyland for snow lovers. Hopefully I’ll get to ski, but it all depends on my bum knee. Today we explored Whistler a bit…


And of course the most important part of any trip, the food.


Ginger flavored chocolate! How awesome is that?


Now look at this drink menu. Wait for it…

…yes, that is absynthe. And apparently old prune too.