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Penguin has done it again. They’ve made yet more beautiful books that will slowly bleed my bank account dry. But it’s worth it. If you want to see them in person, try Anthropologie.



This may have single-handedly convinced me to get an ipad. Or at least to consider buying one.


Vintage sheet music my friend found from the early 20th century. The cover art is amazing (although the registration is a bit off on one of them).


And my favorite….


I am beyond excited for this movie. In fact, I might even venture to the actual movie theater for this one, instead of waiting for it to come out on dvd. Ever since I heard from my photography teacher (who happens to be the main kid’s dad in the movie) that they were making this, I’ve been on pins and needles. Judging from this preview, it does not disappoint. Visually, it’s everything you’d expect to come from the story. And the soundtrack is supposed to be amazing.

Everyone needs a good sketch book or five. Otherwise what do you do when inspiration hits and you don’t have your favorite book on you? Personally I’ve found moleskine notebooks to be my favorite, for a few reasons: (1) they lay nicely when you open them, (2) they come in lots of sizes, (3) the paper is just right for quick sketching, pencil and ink, (4) they’re just stinkin awesome.

Here’s my sketchbook collection, and in the near future I’ll show you a few of them in more detail. Nothing fancy, but I know it’s always fun to see other people’s sketchbooks. What’s your’s like?