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Daily Archives: May 5, 2009

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a Mac – vs – PC debate? If your answer is no, trust me eventually you will. Most of the world is Windows based, and if they’ve never tried using a Mac they might have a hard time understanding why someone would possibly ever own one. The only reason they might think of is that Macs are just plain beautiful.

Need some actual reasons why Macs are better? Here’s a great article that goes into five main reasons why designers and developers are switching to Mac. And it’s not just because they look pretty. Although that’s a definite plus.


Some amazingly simple, yet complex work from Kate MccGwire. The artist’s statement page is a good idea for a portfolio site, it gives you an idea of her overall philosophy without making you decipher it from her work.


I came across this short, but informative, interview with Liz Danzico, an interaction designer who’s worked for anybody and everbody. She has good tips on what people want to see in a portfolio, and how to make first contact with prospective employers (or how not to).

If you’ll be in New York on May 15, you can even hear her speak on this subject at the Creative Employment Confab. And supposedly the event will be coming to Portland as well (in June). No word on exactly when.